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Use the Scrabble Word Finder tool to help you build Scrabble words with the tiles in your rack. This tool can also match your letters to a certain string of letters or another word. To use the "Match to" feature, you must also include the letters to be matched in the list of letters in letters box up top. For example, if the word "RING" was on the board, and you had the letters "BYSNGIA". You would want to put "RINGBYSNGIA" in the letters box at the top, and "RING" in the Match to box, to generate words such as BRINGS or BRINGING. You can also match to your phrase to the beginning or end of the word.

We do no necessarily condone cheating, but feel free to use this during a game against your friends to really impress them! This site is in no way affiliated with the official Scrabble game or Hasbro.